About the affirmation method


What is the affirmative method?

The affirmative method is a method advocated by Scott Adams to fulfill his wishes.

It’s very easy to do.

Set a specific goal that you can visualize and write the goal once a day, 15 times in a row.

For example, if you want to be a famous musician

I, 〇〇, have become a famous musician.

Is written 15 times a day.

This is the basic approach, but Scott Adams says there are additional explanations and caveats.

・ I say that I write 15 times, but it doesn’t have to be 15 times. You can do it once and twice.
・ You may write multiple goals.
・ You may quit once on the way and restart after another day.
・ It does not have to be handwritten. You can use a typewriter
It is also possible with a notepad on a PC or smartphone.
・ You can save or throw away what you wrote.
(Scott says I don’t think this method is so fragile that the above is a problem)

It is that.

Precautions on how to write affirmations!

・ Write “Become a famous musician” instead of “I want to be a famous musician”.
・ If you want money, it is better not to limit the possibility such as “win the lottery”.

・ Do not assert that there is a specific date, for example, “I will be promoted by the end of this month.”

・ It is better to have a grace period of at least 6 months.
・ It doesn’t matter if you are skeptical.

・ Even if it doesn’t come true, don’t be bearish and keep writing quietly.
-Not all of Scott’s attempts to affirm were successful.

[About the effect of the affirmative method]
・ The affirmative method is simply to write a goal 15 times a day.
It’s magically overlapping by chance, and it’s infinitely low
That goal is achieved despite its feasibility.

・ Scott has to be very realized by using the affirmative method
We’ve achieved our seeming goals in amazing ways.

・ When the affirmative method is used, some ordinary events overlap and
Produces seemingly unusual results.

・ Fortunate coincidences occur when the affirmative method is used.
・ I have never heard of the “monkey’s hand” effect.

・ In the original book that Scott learned about the affirmative law,
It seems that there is a saying, “Choose a goal that cannot be achieved by effort.”

“Otherwise, maybe because of this method
I don’t know. ”

It is that.


Why is this affirmation method effective?

Our brain is not good at ambiguity.
Having a clear goal has the property of motivating you.
I don’t feel like I don’t know what the result will be,
When you know that good results are waiting for you, you feel like you’re crazy.

Also, the brain makes so many choices at the unconscious level that it usually does something towards its goals.
People who don’t do that can’t focus on even one goal,
I think too much about various things, and in the end I don’t know what I am aiming for.
In such a situation, it becomes difficult to even increase motivation.

However, if you continue to write your goals on paper using this affirmative method, the situation will change little by little.
By writing a goal in letters, the act of writing, visual information from the eyes is transmitted to the brain, and when the goal is clearly shown
The thoughts that were distracted until now are turned to what is written on the paper.

As mentioned above, the act of writing letters is a task that uses all areas of the brain.
Therefore, writing a goal in letters means that the brain recognizes the goal using all areas of the brain.
This is the task of inputting goals into the subconscious.

When the brain (subconscious) can set goals, it recognizes the difference between reality and goals.
For example, as usual, I, XX, have become a famous musician. Then
In the subconscious, even though he is a famous musician, the reality is not a famous musician,
There will be a contradiction.
So, in order to eliminate that contradiction, I searched for what was necessary to achieve that goal.
You will collect what you need and move your body to reach that goal.

Our human brain has far more power than supercomputers,
The current situation is that many people are not making the most of this brain.
It is often said that the human brain uses only 3% of the total.
Therefore, if you can release even 1%, you will be able to demonstrate your extraordinary ability.

This assertion has been proven in the famous Harvard University study.
Research has proved the effectiveness of this affirmation method by one of the world’s leading universities, which attracts talented people from all over the world.
The content of the research was aimed at students enrolled at Harvard University.
Do you have goals in your life, and do students with goals write down those goals on paper?
I asked the content.
as a result···
* 13% of students have goals
* 3% of students wrote their goals on paper
It seems that the result was.

Although university students have some of the best talent in the world, only 3% have the habit of writing their goals on paper.
And what will happen to 3% of students who write their goals on paper, but 13% of students who have goals, 10 years from now?
This was amazing.

If you check the current situation of each student 10 years later …
What …
The average income of students who wrote their goals on paper was 10 times different than the average of students who did not write their goals.

How does “writing the goal on paper” affect the brain (subconscious)?
And it proved how the life after that would change.
The affirmative law is not just a spiritual thing that fulfills a desire,
By writing the goal on paper, the goal is settled in the subconscious and action is taken to achieve the goal.
It’s a way to make a big difference in your life.

Even that world-famous Harvard University has produced this research result, so
It’s credible and you can get started anytime, anywhere for free, as long as you have something to write on paper.
When to do it, if you do it right now !!

As you may not be aware, this is also one of the laws of attraction. You attracted this article to get the ideal, and to get what you really want! It is. Of course, I think there are other ways to solve it. It’s all up to you to decide which method to take and whether to take action or change your life. I wish you a wonderful path.