About affirmation


What is affirmation? ??

Many people come up with spiritual things when they hear affirmation.

I’m sure there are many people who feel it smells like scent.

For such people, this page will explain about affirmations.

First of all, the meaning of affirmation is to make a “positive declaration” to yourself.

In English, it means Affirmation (affirmations, affirmations, affirmations, vows).

In a simple example, by declaring yourself “I am very happy” and “I am very rich”

Affirmation is that the words enter information from the ears to the brain (subconscious) and the declaration is realized (realized).

It is very important for the subconscious to imprint the ideal self on the affirmation and to recognize that it is.


Is Affirmation Really Effective?

This affirmation can be very effective in some ways.

Like the word Kotodama, words have tremendous power.

It makes me happy when someone says something like thank you, cute, or cool.

On the contrary, there is also verbal violence, and in fact this verbal violence is very terrible.

It’s really hard to be swearing in the shadows.

And it will have a tremendous effect on the brain (subconscious).

Also, what people say and what they say to me cannot be distinguished by the brain, and the words themselves enter the brain.

It is important to listen to positive words, paying attention to the words you say from others.

About the right way of affirmation

First of all, as a caveat, affirming something that is absolutely impossible in reality will have an additional negative effect.

For example, in the extreme, [Become the president of the United States. ] [Dominate the world. ] [Height will be 2.5m] and so on.

So far, if you make an impossible declaration, even if it is positive in words

I can’t think that I can be absolutely from the bottom of my heart, and I always think somewhere in my heart, “This is an impossible wish !!”

Even if you get into that habit of thinking and make a really realistic affirmation

If you can’t do it somewhere in your mind, you will unconsciously think, so be sure to make affirmations that are feasible.

Also, make sure that the wording of the affirmation does not include negative wording.

For example

“I will be able to work in a comfortable workplace away from my unpleasant boss.”
“I will be able to return on time without working overtime.”
“I will eliminate waste and increase my savings.”


“Unpleasant boss,” “overtime,” and “wasting” are these three negative statements.

Because the brain tries to understand the meaning of only those words, these words are a factor that causes negative association.

Don’t use negative words.

In the above example, if you do affirmation, I think that this kind of feeling is good (just an example)

“I, OO, have a good relationship with my boss and are able to work comfortably.”
“I am able to do my job well and be able to return on time.”
“I’m getting more and more money.”

Also, be careful about the wording at the end of the word.

“I want to be rich”
“I want to enroll in XX university”

[I want to be] is not a reality, but I want to be like this, so I’m saying my desire, so it seems that I’m not wrong …

Actually, this is also an affirmation method that should not be done.

It is important to make affirmations on the premise that you are already, not [I want to be].

“I want to be rich.” → “I, XX are rich.”
“I want to enroll in XX university.” → “I, XX are enrolled in XX university.”

More to say … as a power-up version

“I am rich.” → “I am rich with a monthly income of over 1 million yen and enrich my family.”
“I am enrolled in XX university.” → “I am enrolled in XX university and have a very enjoyable university life.”

By including the image of being extremely happy after the ideal has been realized, the realization will surely come closer.

The important thing is to write in the present progressive tense or the past tense.

After reading this far, I think that people with a good feeling have noticed …

The only difference is that the ideal is imprinted on the subconscious, whether it is an affirmative method or an affirmation.

So, if you want to get the ideal by imprinting it on your subconscious mind as soon as possible,

Information from the eyes (including the work of moving hands) by the affirmative method, information from the ears by the affirmation (including the work of speaking words)

By combining, you will be able to imprint on the subconscious mind much more than going with either one.

As you may not be aware, this is also one of the laws of attraction. You attracted this article to get the ideal, and to get what you really want! It is. Of course, I think there are other ways to solve it. It’s all up to you to decide which method to take and whether to take action or change your life. I wish you a wonderful path.